Activity 2

Air pollution has been a major problem as far back as 1228, with one of the reasons being the burning of coal. Over the years people have chosen different fuels and energy sources to heat their homes, including the use of coal, oil and gas. Fuels are cleaner now and we do not rely on coal as much as we used to do.

Within your group you are going to research the various fuels and energy sources, using the following website http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/geography/energy_resources/energy_rev2.shtml

Research one fuel or energy source, list the advantages and disadvantages of using this fuel or energy source and any other information you think is important. When you have gathered your information you will present your findings to the rest of the class.

Type of Fuel: ___________________________________

Where is the fuel from? General Information Advantages Disadvantages

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