A list of Teachers & Pupils notes as well as external links that may be of use.

Teachers Guides

Secondary Teachers Presentation Format

These are abridged versions of the site content in a full screen "Powerpoint" style format for use with a SMART Board or other Projection/Large Format display. Teachers can teach the class using this as a base, suplemented by the main site itself, making use of all the videos & infographics contained in the main site.


  1. Fuels
  2. Crude Oil
  3. Combustion of Fossil Fuels
  4. Pollution and Health
  5. Pollution and the Environment
  6. Solutions: What Can Be Done About It?


  1. Air Pollution: Importance, Causes & Monitoring
  2. Fieldwork: Air Pollution around our School*
  3. Results and Assessment: Air Pollution around Our School*
  4. Impact of Air Pollution.
  5. Solutions: Tackling Air Pollution

* - Sections marked with a '*' have no learning presentations as they are practical lessons that require fieldwork or computer lab use.

Hints: You can use the arrow keys and spacebar on your keyboard to move back forth, or the arrows at the bottom right of the screen. Pressing "Esc" will show you all the slides in a lesson. You can hide the browser bars by pressing F11, and make videos full screen using the icon at the bottom right of the video controls.

Pupils Notes

These are PDF versions of the text & graphic content of each section you can download & print if you are not able to get computer access for pupils.


You can download the following graphics for use in creating Powerpoints or presenations for use in the classroom or distribute them to the pupils for creating their own.

  • Characters & Backgrounds - A collection of JPG & PNG images you can use in activities.
  • Titilium Font - This is the font used in the site, you can use this in PowerPoints or other documents. (You may need to consult your School Technician for installing these).

External Links

Here are some links to external sites that may be of use in teaching air quality.



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