Major Pollutants

Activity 1

Pollutant Name Where does it come from? What does it look like? Can I smell it? Where would I find it? How dangerous is it?
Carbon monoxide It is made when things don’t burn properly Colourless, tasteless gas No Near fires and gas or oil heaters that are not working properly Very dangerous if you breathe it in
Nitrogen Dioxide Formed in air from the other gases Nitrogen and Oxygen Colourless gas No In the air, from the exhaust pipes of cars, buses, trucks etc. Dangerous if you breathe lots of it in
Particulate Matter (PM10) Tiny dust particles, can be dust, pollen or can be from lots of different sources Specks of dust but they are so tiny you cannot see them No In the air, from vehicle exhaust emissions, also near building sites and quarries Dangerous if you breathe lots of it in

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